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Council of the Baptized Members 2016-2017

 NORTHEAST QUADRANT-- Deaneries 1, 2, 3, 4
 Dan DeWan 
 651-674-7250                      St. Gregory, N. Branch
Mary Beth Stein                612-805-7091                      St. Frances Cabrini, Mpls
 Rose Marie Assad  651-489-3044  St. Cecilia, St. Paul
 Open Seat
SOUTHEAST QUADRANT—Deaneries 5, 6, 8 
 Michael Anderson  651-301-9559  St. Joseph, Red Wing
 Patty Thorsen  651-222-4986  St. Frances Cabrini, Mpls
 Tom Smith-Myott  612-385-9233  St. Joan of Arc, Mpls
 Open Seat
NORTHWEST QUADRANT—Deaneries 9, 11, 12, 13
 Mary Ellen Jordan  651-647-0432  Basilica of St. Mary, Mpls
 Ann Mary Waletko  763-566-5765  St. Williams, Fridley
 Marilyn Wegscheider  651-636-4823  St. Timothy, Blaine
 Open Seat
SOUTHWEST QUADRANT—Deaneries 7, 10, 14, 15 
 Nancy Gotto  651-647-0432  St. Joan of Arc, Mpls

Bonnie Strand

 763-566-5765  St. Edward’s, Bloomington
 Lyn Yount                           651-636-4823  Risen Savior, Burnsville
 Open Seat
Jim Jordan   651-647-0432  Basilica of St. Mary, Mpls
 Open Seat
 Open Seat
 Open Seat
 Executive Committee Co-chairs ---
     Lyn Yount  952-686-1931  Risen Savior, Burnsville
     Mary Ellen Jordan  651-647-0432  Basilica of St. Mary, Mpls
 Secretary ---      
     Mary Beth Stein           612-805-7091  St. Frances Cabrini, Mpls
 Media Office ---
 Mary Beth Stein  612-805-7091
 Paula Ruddy  612 315-3599
 Publication Office ---
 Joan Mitchell
     Coordinator  Paula Ruddy  612 315-3599
 Finance Office ---
 Bruce Leier  651 592-9719
 Revised 2016-01-12

Featured Items

You are invited to the November Open Forum:      

The Biology of Gender and Faith-Based Opposition to Inclusive Practices in Public Schools: Is it Possible to Disagree and Still Keep Transgender Students Safe?

Do you think it is wise for the Archdiocese to oppose the MN Department of Education's efforts to provide a safe environment for transgender students?            

Join us on Tuesday, November 14, when David Edwards, parent of a transgender child,  will present reflections on the MDE toolkit for schools and the reality of transgender experience.  

7-8:30 PM at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 700 S. Snelling, St. Paul


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